Reconditioning Baseball Equipment

Reconditioning baseball equipment involves testing, cleaning, sanitizing, relacing, replacing, and even resurfacing batting helmets, catcher’s pads, gloves and bats to restore them to a like-new condition.  Companies in this industry completely repair and sanitize equipment for virtually any sport – from helmets and shoulder pads, to baseball gloves and catcher’s gear, to lacrosse helmets and sticks. The equipment is returned clean, safe and in like-new condition at a fraction of its replacement cost. Usable parts are cleaned, pads and straps replaced, and helmets are resurfaced. This results in like-new appearance and functionality. In high quality pad reconditioning (catching gear), all equipment is initially cleaned and sanitized. Manufacturer’s replacement parts are used where necessary and all items are repaired with double stitching. Baseball gloves can be restored to like-new condition with new lacing, padding, liners, and leather softening treatments. Bat grips can be re-wrapped or replaced with non-slip composite grip material.

Batting Helmets


Catcher’s Gear


How much Does It Cost?
Reconditioning baseball equipment generally costs less than half the cost of buying it new. With baseball gloves, simple relacing and oiling costs a small fraction of buying a new glove. But the ability to continue to use your favorite broken-in glove or lucky bat is priceless.

Reconditioning costs vary depending on the item to be reconditioned, it’s original condition, and the number of optional improvements requested. 

Batting Helmets - $7 - $20 ea

Baseball Gloves
  Relacing - $10 - $50
  Repairs (Finger, palm, heel, web) - $15 - $25
  New Glove Liner - $80 - $100

Catcher’s Equipment - Varies depending on what needs to be repaired or replaced

Batting Helmets

The reconditioning process for batting helmets involves cleaning, sanitizing, interior pad replacement, and exterior resurfacing. Worn straps, clasps and other hardware are replaced when necessary. The steps are as follows:

  1. Interior pads are removed, inspected, cleaned and sanitized. Damaged or worn pads are replaced.
  2. Faceguards are removed, inspected, then reinstalled. This step also includes installing new mounting hardware.
  3. Any chinstrap that needs to be replaced will be done with the same style that comes with the helmet. If it doesn't need replacing, it will be cleaned, sanitized and reattached to the helmet. Any snap, strap, or metal hardware showing signs of wear is removed and replaced with new hardware.
  4. The helmet is buffed, waxed, and polished.


Baseball Gloves

Reconditioning fielder’s gloves, first baseman’s gloves, and catcher’s mitts involves several different types of repairs including:

  • Relacing - Replacing old laces that are cracking, stiff, or breaking
  • Cleaning and oiling leather surfaces
  • Repairing a glove’s fingers, palm, heel, webbing
  • Replacing broken wrist straps
  • Adding palm pad foam
  • Installing a new glove liner
  • Breaking in a new glove

You can choose as many or as few repairs and improvements to your glove as you wish. Service Sports will provide you with a cost estimate before any repairs begin.


Catcher’s Equipment

When reconditioning catching equipment, Service Sports will inspect, clean, sanitize, and repair masks, chest protectors, shinpads, and catcher’s helmets. Worn straps and buckles are replaced with new ones. Torn padding is replaced. All equipment is returned to you in like-new condition and fully functional. Service Sports also specializes in relacing and reoiling catcher’s mitts for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new mitt.


Baseball Bats

Wooden Bats
Although a broken wooden bat is beyond repair, a wooden bat with nicks, dents, and scratches can be smoothed and the surface refinished. The handle can be wrapped so it will be less slippery and maintain a degree of stickiness, even in wet weather.

Aluminum Bats
Aluminum bats that are bent or severely dented are unrepairable. However, the part of an aluminum bat that gets worn and can benefit from reconditioning is the grip. Service Sports will remove the old, worn grips from your aluminum bats and replace them with new, manufacturer-authorized, high-tack grips.


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